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The mobile juggernaut isn’t coming. It’s here.

Those of us who’ve seen the explosion of handheld devices in the past few years have known that mobile access is going to have an enormous impact on how people use the web. Some of us have seen analytics that show an increase in mobile traffic to even the most obscure of sites. But few of us have studied mobile adoption like Benedict Evans, a consultant with venture capital firm Andreeson Horowitz. A couple of weeks ago Evans posted a fascinating presentation titled Mobile Is Eating The World. And boy, is it ever. Mobile Is Eating the World from a16z While many think that mobile is the future, Evans makes the case that the future is here, or it will be much sooner than we’d expected. As of 2014, three billion people in the world are online, and two billion of those have smartphones. But by 2020 – only five years away – four billion people will be online and all of them will have smartphones. Meanwhile, the PC market continues to shrink. In terms of unit-sales, the mobile industry already far surpasses the PC industry. And it’s not like people are sacrificing power with mobile devices. Today’s smartphones have roughly… Read More

Last week the nForm team spent a couple days in Banff for our semi-annual staff retreat. This was our first time taking the retreat out of town. Being away from the office gave us the chance to focus on our time together with no outside distractions. We were able to be in the moment with each activity and enjoy the experience. Banff is also one of the most beautiful and picturesque places there is to visit. It’s almost impossible not to have a good time when you’re there. The goal of the trip was to focus on team building and getting to know each other. We have a mix of new and long-standing employees so it was a great way to integrate everyone and reenergize the team. There were no trust falls involved at this retreat, but we did do a lot of recreational activities together. Lisa and I had such a blast planning this trip and thinking about all the things we could do as a group that we have decided to officially become a committee. We now call ourselves the Joyful Occasions Bureau – it’s our JOB to have fun! (We think it’s hilarious!) We didn’t waste any time getting to know everyone… Read More

We often work with communications teams driving the entire Intranet development process. We are told time and time again that Information about Corporate Events is very important and often are told that it is the most important piece of information to include on intranets. One specific question in our survey asked participants to rank the most popular or accessed type of content. Read More

We’re taking our Intranet Foundations Workshop on the road! Join us on November 18, 2014 in Victoria, BC for a full-day focusing on improving your organization’s intranet. Read More

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