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19 Jan 2018 by Lea Rouhiainen

Meetup Groups in Edmonton

If you’re returning from the holiday season, refreshed, full of energy, and ready to try something new (perhaps looking for some inspiration for a new year’s resolution)—you should consider attending a local digital meetup! … Read More

12 Jan 2018 by Carson Pierce

nForm’s 2017 in Review

2017 was a pretty remarkable year for us here at nForm. We did some pretty cool work for some amazing clients, got deeply involved in our professional community, and even found time to have some fun together. Here are some … Read More

18 Dec 2017 by Dennis Breen

The Trouble with Rigor: Evaluation Methods for Selecting a CMS

If you’re responsible for a complex website or intranet, you’ve probably faced the daunting task of figuring out what CMS would best power your site. If you’re a business analyst, or have one on your team, you may have followed … Read More

11 Dec 2017 by Megan Sirockman

Themes and Trends in IA and Digital Communication

Throughout the year, nForm consultants participate in a variety of events that pertain to user experience – from digital communication, to customer experience, to information architecture. While these events cover a diverse set of topics, we have noticed some persistent … Read More

06 Dec 2017 by Carson Pierce

Project Managers vs. Project Leaders: DPM Summit 2017 Review

At nForm, we don't have a traditional project manager role. Would the content from the Digital PM Summit still be relevant to how we work? … Read More

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