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2014 Year in Review: Dennis

(One of my) Favourite book(s) of 2014: Intertwingled, by Peter Morville Part philosophy, part cultural study, part exploration of the future of Information Architecture, this is one strange book. In it, Morville examines the nature of information and the deeply interconnected spaces in which it resides. Along the way he shows how culture, though seldom discussed, affects everything we do. He looks at the limits of what we’re able to understand, notes the rarely exposed assumptions that underpin our ideas, and reminds us that certainty is the enemy of creativity. This is a book filled with ...

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2014 Year in Review: Lisa

Most interesting project: Working with BC Justice, learning about criminal procedures from arrest to bail to arraignment to trial by shadowing crown prosecutors and their staff. By the end we had learned so much that we needed a wall-sized journey map to showcase it all. Favourite work-related blog in 2014: FiveThirtyEight has some neat data analysis approaches. I especially like the Dear Mona column because she always clearly outlines her process for finding the answer, including discussion on the possible shortcomings of the data available. Favourite nForm moment: Everybody is always ...

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2014 Year in Review: Johanna

Proudest project moment: Hosting our first ever Better Intranets was extremely rewarding. The whole team pulled together to contribute to all aspects of the event, and it was satisfying to see our clients and other Intranet enthusiasts have an opportunity to get together to talk about their Intranets in a casual environment. Favourite album that came out in 2014: Full of Cheer (A Christmas Album by Home Free) Something you tried for the first time in 2014: Bouldering. My nForm colleagues introduced me to it on our annual retreat in Banff. Favourite Edmonton event: Candy Cane Lane – We’ve ...

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2014 Year in Review: Ben

My favourite project moment: I demonstrated my new prototype at a workshop for Alberta Land Titles. The participants were excited with what they saw and provided clear, specific feedback of how it could be improved. It is enjoyable to see how collaboration can create much richer ideas than any individual could. My new favourite tool: Harp, a static website generator created by Brock Whitten in Vancouver. Harp gives me access to fancy development tools that streamline my interactive prototyping process. And because the resulting websites are standard HTML and CSS, they can be easily shared ...

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2014 Year in Review: Sarah

Over the next week and a half, we’ll be posting a Year in Review for each nFormer! Today we’ll start with Sarah. Favourite project: One of my favourite moments was helping with a final presentation (and attending that presentation) where we got to present our findings on 15+ different workshops we conducted for a large client. Sometimes when we are in a workshop environment our findings can be really ground breaking and can immensely affect recommendations and the project. These 15+ workshops really were true exploring activities, as the research we were conducting had never ...

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