Content Strategy at CanUX with Kristina Halvorson and Rahel Bailie

We have two great content strategy speakers this year at CanUX, Kristina Halvorson and Rahel Bailie. Each bring a unique perspective and plenty of experience and knowledge to the topic. Last week I sat down with each of them individually for a chat about content strategy and what they will be presenting at CanUX.

The first interview with Kristina Halvorson, author of Content Strategy for the Web, and president of Brain Traffic, points out the differences between project based content strategy work, and enterprise content strategy. Large companies tend to have many departments that all write and manage their own content and communication channels, but once you move all of these disparate groups onto a single website it becomes even more important to have a cohesive content strategy.

We also chatted about how content creation can fail, often due to placing it too late in the project. Many teams think of content as something you can fill in at the end, rather than placing it up front and allowing the content to help determine the needs of the design.

Later that day I spoke to Rahel Bailie, president of Intentional Design Inc, about her content strategy practice. Coming from a strong technical communication background, combined with information architecture and usability practice, gives Rahel a unique understanding of content and it’s place in the design process. She talks about content strategy as a way of managing content throughout its entire lifecycle – from concept through creation and publishing, all the way to archiving and revising.

To hear our entire conversations check out the MP3s linked below. Audio Recording Disclaimer: It sounds like college radio.

CanUX Speaker Interview – Kristina Halvorson (~10 minutes)

CanUX Speaker Interview – Rahel Bailie (~9 minutes)

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