Comcast Game Invasion

Deep Insight into Gamers

Comcast's Game Invasion
Game Invasion launched with a focus on game videos,
like previews, trailers and walkthroughs.

Comcast’s Game Invasion site was designed to offer a rich entertainment experience for hardcore gamers. In order to ensure the site’s ongoing appeal, business owners developed a roadmap of future enhancements. However, the Comcast team wanted a deeper understanding of the site’s core audience to shape future growth.

In order to engage hardcore gamers, Comcast needed to truly understand their interests and priorities.

nForm’s Approach

Our aim was to assemble a holistic picture of the hardcore gamer’s world; who they are, what they do, and how those activities fit together into a coherent experience.

We started with usability testing to understand how gamers were using the existing Game Invasion site. Then we used a divide-the-dollar survey to evaluate how gamers valued the features on Game Invasion’s product roadmap. We followed up the survey with in-depth telephone interviews to discover how the core audience engaged with games and the gaming community in general.

This mixture of quantitative and qualitative research allowed us to measure hardcore gamer’s interests and priorities and deliver deeper insights about their motivations and decision making process.

We synthesized our research into two main deliverables:

  • Mental model—a task grid that showed Game Invasion’s product offerings in alignment with what gamers were actually doing, or interested in doing, through the web.

    Game Invasion Mental Model

  • Experience map—an infographic that shows the gamer’s lifecycle of choosing, purchasing, playing games, as well as the real, virtual and social touchpoints that influence their behaviours.

    Experience Map: Genre Gamer

These two deliverables highlighted areas of the product that were of most value to hardcore gamers and revealed opportunities for Comcast to meet additional needs that were also highly-valued by their core audience. The Game Invasion roadmap could now be based on relevant customer behaviour.

Results Achieved

nForm delivered the insight that Comcast needed to really understand hardcore gamers, Game Invasion’s target market. We provided a holistic picture of their customer and their customers’ interactions within the gaming universe. In addition, we highlighted areas where Game Invasion could best engage a hardcore gamer and provide the most value, from the gamer’s point of view.

“Because of nForm’s insights, we were able to conceive a distinct product that both differentiated from competitors and addressed core user needs. The level of detail and comprehensive understanding of the
gamer ecosystem provided us with the right focus and allowed us to tackle untapped opportunities.”

Livia Labate
Principal, User Experience Design & Information Architecture

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