Oil Sands Information Portal

Map-Based Portal for Oil Sands Data

There’s been a resurgence of interest in Alberta’s oil sands over the past few years. Albertans, the media, environmental groups, business and other stakeholders are interested in the¬†environmental impacts of oil sands development in addition to their economic potential.

In 2009 Alberta Environment created the vision for the Oil Sands Information Portal, a platform for distributing information and data about the oil sands to all of the stakeholders who might be interested.

Alberta Environment partnered with nForm to design the OSIP’s map-based user interface so that it would meet the diverse needs of its stakeholders. The design process included:

  • primary interviews with target users
  • creation of personas and a mental model
  • detailed wireframes
  • an interactive prototype
  • usability testing on the interactive prototype

Some examples of the project deliverables are included below (more examples are available on Flickr).


OSIP Persona (Opinion-Former)

Mental Model

OSIP Mental Model Sample

Site Flow

OSIP site flow

Base Map Interface

OSIP map interface

Map Navigation Components

OSIP map navigation component

Map Overlay

OSIP map overlay


OSIP visual design

OSIP visual design

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