16 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow
2014 Year in Review: Ben

My favourite project moment: I demonstrated my new prototype at a workshop for Alberta Land Titles. The participants were excited with what they saw and provided clear, specific feedback of how it could be improved. It is enjoyable to see how collaboration can create much richer ideas than any individual could.


My new favourite tool: Harp, a static website generator created by Brock Whitten in Vancouver. Harp gives me access to fancy development tools that streamline my interactive prototyping process. And because the resulting websites are standard HTML and CSS, they can be easily shared and hosted on any basic web server.


My favourite blog post: “Design Fictional Interactions” by Joshua Tanenbaum. I found it helpful to remember that “situating a new technology within a narrative forces us to grapple with questions of ethics, values, social perspectives, causality, politics, psychology, and emotions.” The article encouraged me to keep working on improving my storytelling skills.


My top album of 2014: Our Love by Caribou. The confident, danceable electronic tracks have just the right amount of quirky charm. I’ve had the record on repeat since its release in October.


The best book I read in 2014: Middlemarch. I was fascinated by Dorothea’s struggle to find meaning within the “labyrinth of petty courses” expected of women in 19th Century English Society. If you can endure the occasional dry moments of local political debating, I highly recommend you give it a read.


Personal goal accomplished in 2014: If I had set a personal goal of “adopt two psychotic cats” I can consider it accomplished. My enviable new lifestyle contains an abundance of skin lacerations, damaged furniture, and animal feces. Suki and Yue have left a lasting impact on my life that not even bleach or Polysporin could ever fully diminish.


My favourite spot in Edmonton: Mandolin Book & Coffee Co. It has books. It has coffee. What more does one need in life?


15 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow

2014 Year in Review: Sarah

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17 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow

2014 Year in Review: Johanna

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