17 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow
2014 Year in Review: Johanna

Proudest project moment: Hosting our first ever Better Intranets was extremely rewarding. The whole team pulled together to contribute to all aspects of the event, and it was satisfying to see our clients and other Intranet enthusiasts have an opportunity to get together to talk about their Intranets in a casual environment.

Johanna at Better Intranets

Favourite album that came out in 2014: Full of Cheer (A Christmas Album by Home Free)

Something you tried for the first time in 2014: Bouldering. My nForm colleagues introduced me to it on our annual retreat in Banff.

Favourite Edmonton event: Candy Cane Lane – We’ve made it a tradition to take our kids every year. They love the lights and the atmosphere. It’s fun for the whole family!

Favourite Edmonton hotspot: Rostizado – located in the Mercer building just down the street from nForm offices; the food is extremely yummy!

16 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow

2014 Year in Review: Ben

My favourite project moment: I demonstrated my new prototype at a workshop for Alberta Land Titles. The participants were excited with what they saw and provided clear, specific feedback of how it could be improved. It is enjoyable to see … Read More

18 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow

2014 Year in Review: Lisa

Most interesting project: Working with BC Justice, learning about criminal procedures from arrest to bail to arraignment to trial by shadowing crown prosecutors and their staff. By the end we had learned so much that we needed a wall-sized journey … Read More