23 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow
2014 Year in Review: Kerryn

Proudest project moment:
The Better Intranets Conference was one of my favourite projects to work on this year. I love organizing events and this was the first major event I did with nForm. It was also our first time holding this conference, so there was a certain amount of risk involved in whether or not it would be successful. And thankfully it was a success! It was a great opportunity for us to bring people together and have them talk about their experience with intranets.

Favourite album that came out in 2014: One of the great things about this city is that we have so many talented artists who live here and create their work here. F&M is definitely one of my favourite local bands. They put out a new album this fall called At Sunset We Sing. They have sort of a folk noir sound that I like to describe as hauntingly beautiful.

Favourite Edmonton Event:
My favourite Edmonton event is probably the Taste of Edmonton. It’s right in the middle of July so the weather is usually great and who doesn’t love an excuse to go out and try some new dishes from our local restaurants!

taste of edmonton

Favourite Edmonton Hotspot:
Sherlock Holmes on Rice Howard Way is one of my go to places to grab dinner or drinks with friends. The atmosphere is casual and cozy, the service is always good, they have a huge patio to enjoy in the summer and there’s often live music happening. It has everything you could ask for in a pub.

Something you tried for the first time in 2014:
I’ve taken up baking this year…and it hasn’t always gone well! Each week we take turns bringing in something homemade to share with the staff. I never really baked before, so it’s been a bit of a learning experience. My coworkers have very politely eaten whatever I served, even when it was burnt brownies and rock hard cookies. My skills are slowly improving, but slowly is the key word!


22 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow

2014 Year in Review: Sheldon

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24 Dec 2014 by Gene Smith

2014 Year in Review: Gene

Proudest moment: The work we've done with crown prosecutors (service design and interface design) this year has been really fun because they're articulate, engaged and passionate about what they do. Overall though, what I'm most proud of is having a … Read More