18 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow
2014 Year in Review: Lisa

Most interesting project: Working with BC Justice, learning about criminal procedures from arrest to bail to arraignment to trial by shadowing crown prosecutors and their staff. By the end we had learned so much that we needed a wall-sized journey map to showcase it all.

Favourite work-related blog in 2014: FiveThirtyEight has some neat data analysis approaches. I especially like the Dear Mona column because she always clearly outlines her process for finding the answer, including discussion on the possible shortcomings of the data available.

Favourite nForm moment: Everybody is always such a good sport whenever I have unusual ideas to try out. We spent a month practising our squatting every afternoon! We play improv warm-up games at our retreats! They played this very weird Christmas song game, happily! My favourite day in this past year, though, was our annual trivia competition in the spring. It takes a lot of time to put the event together but everybody gets really into it with just the right level of competitiveness.

Favourite book you read in 2014: The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison. The whole thing is great, but the first and last essays of the book are some of 2014’s finest writing. Her writing is specific, graceful, and challenging.

Empathy Exams

Favourite Edmonton event: Rapid Fire Theatre’s Improvaganza. It’s a two-week festival in June that features some of the best improvisers, stand ups, and sketch comedians in Canada, North America, and beyond. In 2014, I got to perform in an improv set with Don Iveson (he stole the show)!

Favourite Edmonton food: Parsnip gelato at North 53. There’s a chance that it was meant to be a palate cleanser, but I ate every drop and declared it my favourite part of the meal. The brioche pepin at Duchess, the sabji wrap at Remedy, the Class Act burger at Next Act, and every cocktail at Woodwork is also very good.

A personal goal you accomplished in 2014: I cycled and camped along the pacific coast from Seattle to San Francisco (over 1000 miles) this summer!

bike trip

17 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow

2014 Year in Review: Johanna

Proudest project moment: Hosting our first ever Better Intranets was extremely rewarding. The whole team pulled together to contribute to all aspects of the event, and it was satisfying to see our clients and other Intranet enthusiasts have an opportunity … Read More

19 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow

2014 Year in Review: Dennis

(One of my) Favourite book(s) of 2014: Intertwingled, by Peter Morville Part philosophy, part cultural study, part exploration of the future of Information Architecture, this is one strange book. In it, Morville examines the nature of information and the deeply interconnected … Read More