15 Dec 2014 by Lisa Farlow
2014 Year in Review: Sarah

Over the next week and a half, we’ll be posting a Year in Review for each nFormer! Today we’ll start with Sarah.

Favourite project: One of my favourite moments was helping with a final presentation (and attending that presentation) where we got to present our findings on 15+ different workshops we conducted for a large client. Sometimes when we are in a workshop environment our findings can be really ground breaking and can immensely affect recommendations and the project. These 15+ workshops really were true exploring activities, as the research we were conducting had never been completed before. Looking back I can’t believe how much time we got to spend really getting to understand the client’s business and how field employees work and what their roles are. And during the final presentation, I also got to see a few senior colleagues (that I have endless respect for) in action. I hope to one day be able to respond to tough questions on the spot with expertise, confidence and experience!

Favourite blogs in 2014:  1. Digital Workplace Group 2. UX Booth 3. KISSmetrics

Favourite time at nForm HQ: Taste of Edmonton adventures this summer I think was pretty memorable. All 9 of us were finally around one day and we got to walk around and experience the beautiful summer day and hang out. Those are always the best because we get to know each other in a non-formal environment and conversation just happens organically! Those are the best times!

Favourite book you read in 2014: Actually a book that I read EVERY year is Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. I don’t know if this counts but since I try to climb a mountain every year, it’s a resource I use ALL THE TIME.  Below is a picture of me on the peak of Ha Ling Mountain near Canmore. I hope to finish a few good read recommendations from Ben this year: The Connected Company and The Opposable Mind.


Favourite album that came out in 2014: Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness by Andrew McMahon.

Something you tried for the first time in 2014: Crossfit! Lisa (aka “Squats”) introduced a wide variety of daily activities to help us break the sedentary day up (squat and stretch club afternoons). It helps get the blood flow going and she invited me to Crossfit with her one day. I brought my fiancé and it was a great workout and challenge. I still to this day cannot believe how much I can lift.

Favourite Edmonton hotspot: The Tea Girl, Cavern, and The Red Ox Inn. I also love Mill Creek Ravine. Off leash dog trails, great running spots and just all around beautiful!

Other highlights from 2014: I got to present at our inaugural event: Better Intranets. That was cool…although I was unbelievably nervous and sweaty, I did it!


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