23 Jun 2008 by Gene Smith
Book Excerpt: Seven Business Benefits of Tagging

Over on Peachpit.com you’ll find an excerpt from chapter two of my book, Return on Investment: Seven Business Benefits of Tagging.

Here’s a taste:

Let’s look at one important side of the value-centered design equation: return on investment. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company managing a localized intranet or a small startup working on a Web application, you need to know the answer to one important question: “What can tagging do for me?”

There are seven potential benefits for organizations that adopt tagging. Some groups may realize many of these benefits, some only one. The key is to understand the possible benefits to you and to design a tagging system that achieves the desired results.

You can read more on the Peachpit website, buy the book at Amazon.com, or look at some notes, images and interviews from the book.

18 Jun 2008 by Jess McMullin

CanUX 2008 speakers and dates

We're excited to announce our lineup for CanUX 2008. Dave Gray, XPLANE; Brandon Schauer, AdaptivePath; Luke Wroblewski, Yahoo! and LukeW Interface Designs; the Banff Leadership Arts Ensemble, and the nForm team, with more to come! Join us November... Read More

16 Jul 2008 by Gene Smith

Keynoting KM Australia

I’m really excited to be heading to Melbourne today to keynote KM Australia. I get to speak at a lot of conferences and this is one of the most interesting events I’ll attend this year. Melbourne at … Read More