27 Nov 2007 by Gene Smith
CanUX ’07: Eating Your Own Dog Food

Yesterday, Lou Rosenfeld opened CanUX with a talk on building his new company Rosenfeld Media on user experience principles.

Lou has a great series of books and authors lined up, and he’s weaving UX deeply into his design and development process. I’m really impressed with the cover designs by none other than the Heads of State (I’m a fan of their gig posters):

Cover for Mental Models by Indi Young

More details on Lou’s process are available in his presentation:

22 Nov 2007 by Gene Smith

Client conversations are better than RFPs

Like a lot of consulting companies, we respond to RFPs. We have to; many of our favourite clients are forced to follow stringent procurement procedures. Responding to their RFPs is the only way we can continue to do business with … Read More

29 Nov 2007 by Gene Smith

CanUX ’07: Tagging

I gave a short talk on tagging at CanUX ’07 yesterday. I thought it went well, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who already *got* it. At the start of my session I asked how many … Read More