14 Nov 2012 by Gene Smith
Event: Making Sense of Web Analytics (Edmonton, Nov 27)

We’re running a short-but-informative workshop in Edmonton on November 27. This one is on web analytics, and we’ll have two speakers sharing their insights on using analytics to make better design and business decisions. Details and a registration form are below. As always, tickets are free but attendance is capped (and this one is almost sold out already). Hope to see you there!

Event Details

Making Sense of Web Analytics

Tuesday, November 27, 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Matrix Hotel

10640 – 100 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta

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Session Description

Many organizations we work with are just scratching the surface of their web analytics tools.  At our next event we’ll have two talks about how you can get more value from your analytics—including understanding user behaviour, evaluating the effectiveness of your content and design, and answering key questions about your organization’s online performance.

Ammneh Azeim is a senior consultant with nForm and a Google Analytics analyst.  Ammneh will talk about starting a measurement program, using analytics to answer business questions, and creating basic key performance indicators to track your online performance.

Tim Schneider is the Digital Analytics Manager at the University of Alberta where he’s created a measurement program that’s guiding the university’s digital strategy.  Tim leads a small team of analysts that examine the performance of the U of A’s websites and recommends content and design improvements.  Tim will discuss the evolution of the U of A’s analytics program, share some of his success stories, and talk about how they’re using analytics tools to make better decisions about their online efforts.


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