12 Feb 2013 by Gene Smith
Experience Maps: A Case Study

Last summer I received an email from Kent Grayson, a marketing professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Kent had seen the experience maps we created for Comcast and was interested in writing a case study about them.

In Kent’s words, “the case would inspire [MBA] students not only about the benefits of experience maps but also the more general principle of how beneficial it is to deeply understand the customer experience.”

Last summer Kent wrote up the case study, I provided some details on how we developed the experience maps, and late last year it was published. You can get a copy for a mere $6.95 from the Harvard Business School website.

Harvard Business School is the leading source of these case studies worldwide, which means that in the next couple of years hundreds of business school students could read this and start to apply user experience research and design practices in their work. Exciting!

29 Jan 2013 by Gene Smith

nForm at the 2013 IA Summit

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21 Feb 2013 by Andrew Wright

When to apply UX effort in agile

When should you apply UX effort on an agile project to get the most out of it? Well, UX design skills are most valuable to agile processes at three key points: during modeling, during evaluation, and for facilitating day-to-day design … Read More