12 Aug 2015 by Gene Smith
Goodbye. And hello.

Last Friday I walked down to my lawyer’s office, sat down in a wood-panelled boardroom, and quickly signed a few papers. I checked my phone when I was done: it took all of seven minutes for me to resign from nForm.

This business has been my life for more than a decade. It’s turned out better than I ever expected while simultaneously being harder than I ever imagined.

After so many ups and downs–mostly ups–what I reflect on now is how it all ended so quietly. A few squeaks of the Sharpie while my lawyer rustled through the paperwork and it was done.

But this isn’t sad news. It’s great news for us and our customers.

My resignation was part of a larger deal that has us being acquired by iomer, a fantastic technology company owned by some people I like. I’ll be transitioning from the owner of nForm to something of a general manager. I’ll keep my title and leadership role but the administrative work will fall away so I can focus more on our customers.

(I’m guessing you’re an astute reader of things on the internet so you were expecting some kind of twist.)

nForm will stay the same in many ways.

Our team and our projects will continue. We’ll still work under the nForm banner. Strategy, design and evaluation for complex digital products and services remains our core business. We want to be the people you call when you have complicated UX, IA and design projects.

We’ll also continue to improve how we run projects and engage with our customers. That’s consistent with my belief that to work on the really hard problems we need to manage client stakeholders and their competing interests as deftly as we craft a wireframe.

The best thing about this change is that nForm will be able to evolve to better serve our customers.

We’ll have access to iomer’s technical expertise to help us deepen our services around web content management and employee portals. SharePoint has been an important platform for us the past few years so we’re excited to draw on iomer’s SharePoint knowledge and experience.

We’ll also have access to iomer’s UX team to round out our own, ensuring we can bring in the best people for any project.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with the folks at iomer in the coming years. And, personally, I’m grateful to be able to continue doing work I’m passionate about, surrounded by some of the best people I’ve ever worked with, with a new extended family to help us learn and grow.

27 Jun 2015 by Kerryn North

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