11 Apr 2012 by Andrew Wright
Google Analytics: Ammneh gets certified!

Web Analytics is not just about capturing statistics on the number of “hits” your homepage got last month, or how many people saw your latest campaign. Web Analytics is about knowing who your audience is, understanding how and why they use your website or web application, and measuring whether they are successfully doing what they need to do on your site.

At nForm, we take this seriously and we know that it’s not easy to extract meaningful insight out of raw statistical data. Recently, our own Ammneh Azeim embarked on a journey to further her skills in the art of Google Analytics.

Ammneh has a strong background planning effective analytics strategies and making the most of Google Analytics to reveal insightful details on user behaviour. Already having that experience didn’t stop her from wanting to improve by studying hard to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test.

Ammneh gets her Google Analytics certification

We are happy to report that this past weekend (while you were enjoying turkey and/or chocolate, I’m sure) Ammneh aced her Google Analytics IQ test and received her certification! Now armed with a deeper understanding of the analytics toolkit, I expect Ammneh will continue to impress as she transforms your raw analytics data into actionable insights.

Congratulations Ammneh!

05 Apr 2012 by Gene Smith

Event: Transforming Government Web Strategy (April 19)

We’re running an event in a few weeks for our friends in the public sector, as well as anyone who’s interested in web strategy and user experience. All of the details and a registration form are below. We’ve capped attendance … Read More

23 Apr 2012 by Gene Smith

The Two-Click Rule

Over the past few years we’ve noticed a pattern on the corporate websites we’ve worked on: Most of the visitors enter through search or referrals. By most I mean 80% to 90%. Most visitors will see three or fewer pages. Read More