09 Apr 2014 by Gene Smith
My IA Summit 2014 Talk on Stakeholder Mapping

Last week I gave a talk at the IA Summit about stakeholder mapping.

For the past couple of years I’ve been thinking about ways to better understand stakeholders for complex design projects so we can engage them more effectively. This interest grew out of a few project experiences I’d had where we weren’t able to get traction for good UX design methods, or we weren’t able to have the impact we wanted despite doing solid work.


(Thanks to Steve Fisher for the photo of me speaking.)

In this talk I present some traditional forms of stakeholder mapping used in project management and other disciplines, as well as a few preliminary ideas we’ve been working through here at nForm on stakeholder mapping for complex design projects.

The slides include my speaking notes so you effectively have the whole presentation. Feedback is always appreciated.

04 Apr 2014 by Ben Franck

Alberta Ministries of Tourism, Parks & Recreation and Culture

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation and Alberta Culture needed to revise their website information architecture and content to make it more citizen-centric and mobile friendly. Like many government websites, the site had grown through the contributions of many independent business … Read More

15 Apr 2014 by Gene Smith

Canadian Intranet Practices Survey

Today we're launching our first-ever original research project: a survey of Canadian Intranet Practices. This survey is intended for Intranet managers, internal communicators, I.T. managers responsible for collaboration and content management, and Intranet content owners. The survey will be open … Read More