30 Oct 2017 by Kerryn North
Intranet Foundations workshop recap

Earlier this month we brought people together to talk about intranets. Somehow when you say that – bring people together to talk about intranets – it doesn’t sound very exciting. It’s not a flashy or trendy topic, but that’s kind of what’s so great about it.

People who work in internal communications don’t often get to talk about their intranet struggles. How often do you get to hear about other organizations working through how to keep their employees engaged or where to house those 2,000 documents? We hear these stories from clients all time, but they don’t get the chance to talk to one another and share their experiences. Intranets are different than public facing web. You can’t Google another company and find out what their intranet looks like – or better yet – hear what lead to their decisions about how it should look or operate.

The day started with a hands-on workshop at our office. Johanna and Elizabeth walked our guests through worksheets and tools to help them get a handle on creating a content priorities survey, prioritizing business requirements and establishing governance.


We partnered with IABC Edmonton to continue the intranet discussions later that day. A number of communications professionals joined us that evening at 99ten. We discussed how to leverage digital tools to ensure successful communications and achieve meaningful employee engagement. Johanna facilitated the panel discussion where some clear themes emerged:

  1. There is no one clear tool or approach that will work for all situations or corporations. We need to have many tools in our toolbox.
  2. Digital employee engagement is more successful when it’s tied to non-digital communications as well.
  3. Measurement of success is tricky but there are some interesting non-traditional ways to do it.
  4. Internal communicators must rely on the participation of other key leaders within the organization to communicate effectively.
  5. Not all employees need the same information or can be successfully reached using the same methods. In addition, striking a balance between corporate communications needs and those of specific employees groups is an ongoing challenge.

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Thanks to our panelists for being so open and sharing your experiences. Jacqualine Ladouceur (Manager of Internal Communications, ATCO), Carole Stevenson-Roy (Director, Member Experience, Alberta Motor Association), Karen Mills (Director Board and Superintendent Relations, Edmonton Public Schools) and Marcie Richardson (Global Brand Engagement Manager, Deloitte).

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IABC Edmonton captured a summary of the discussion for their podcast. You can have a listen here to check out the highlights.

If you missed the Intranet Foundations workshop, but are interested in attending one in the future, you can sign up for our waiting list here at better@nform.com. We will keep you posted as to when the next workshop is scheduled.

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