20 Jan 2011 by Gene Smith
Kiiro is now open-source

We’ve decided to open-source Kiiro, the SharePoint-based project management and collaboration application we released in 2009. Here’s a short description of Kiiro from my original post announcing the product:

Kiiro is a simple collaboration and project management app for SharePoint. SharePoint’s a great platform, but most customers we’ve worked with spend way too much time and money on customization, configuration, training, administration and governance. Kiiro makes collaboration on SharePoint incredibly simple.

You can download everything you need to install and use Kiiro over at http://kiiro.codeplex.com.

So, you might be asking, why would we open-source a product we spent two years building? The short answer is that we just didn’t find enough customers. There was (and still is) healthy interest in the product, but for a variety of reasons we weren’t able to turn that into a sustainable business.

We’re happy to see Kiiro continue as an open-source project, and we’re excited that anyone can now use it.

(As a side note, we took a small chunk of Kiiro that was built to import Basecamp projects and spun it out as Parachute, a utility that backs up files from your Basecamp account. We continue to sell and support Parachute, and it’s doing pretty well.)

19 Jan 2011 by Gene Smith

We’re now at nform.com!

Starting today our domain name is nform.com. This means our email addresses will now end in @nform.com and our website is http://nform.com. (You might not have noticed, but your browser was just redirected from nform.ca to nform.com.) Last week … Read More

02 Feb 2011 by Gene Smith

Running a large business origami exercise

Late last year we organized a large business origami exercise for a client. Business origami is a tool to help people design and describe systems and processes. It’s kind of like low-fidelity prototyping for systems (here’s a quick introduction). Read More