19 Jan 2018 by Lea Rouhiainen
Meetup Groups in Edmonton

If you’re returning from the holiday season, refreshed, full of energy, and ready to try something new (perhaps looking for some inspiration for a new year’s resolution)—you should consider attending a local digital meetup! Whether you’re a professional, someone new to the industry, or just a curious mind, meetups are a great and easy way to get involved and learn something new. They promote a sense of community and awareness while also providing support through the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and experiences. At nForm, our consultants make a point of getting involved in local digital and user experience related communities for these very reasons. Though there are many groups and organizations to choose from in Edmonton, a few that we like to attend are DPM Edmonton Meetups, Intranets Edmonton, Edmonton Content Strategists, and Agile Edmonton.

DPM Edmonton Meetups

If your interests are more related to the how digital projects are run and managed, then make sure to try a DPM Edmonton Meetup. Co-organized by nForm’s Carson Pierce, this group is for people in Edmonton who help make digital stuff happen. DPM brings together project managers, account managers, producers, and freelancers in the area to network, learn a few things, and bond over beer and pizza. The speakers and location are always different so you can look forward to a new experience at every meetup.

The first meetup of the year was on January 16 at DDB, and focused on levelling up knowledge and skills with speakers Kate Leadbeater and David Ferris. The upcoming February edition will take place at the nForm office, and will be based on the theme of ‘making connections’ or strengthening your peer network to help you in your work life. Later in the year, you can also expect a client based panel discussion to get a better understanding of their expectations of the project managers they work with.

Stay up to date by following DPM Edmonton on Twitter, and RSVP to events by joining their meetup group.


Intranets Edmonton

A sometimes neglected area of the digital landscape—though without lack of need for strong usability strategies—intranets are private networks that serve the internal processes of businesses and organizations. They can be complicated and sometimes intimidating, but we at nForm find that intranet projects can be great opportunities to improve an organization’s culture, communication, and productivity. This belief is what ultimately inspired the formation of our intranet support group—Intranets Edmonton. If you’re an intranet practitioner, professional, maker, or a designer who’s looking for some guidance on how to develop a more effective and usable intranet, then definitely give Intranets Edmonton a try. Organized by nForm’s own Johanna Dietrich, Elizabeth Gusnoski, and Kerryn North, this meetup brings together a great deal of experience and a sympathetic ear to the common issues that befall intranets, and can help provide guidance on moving forward more confidently.

Meetups will be hosted regularly with discussions on a variety of intranet-related topics of interest to members. The first meeting was held on November 20, 2017 and was used as an open forum to gather ideas and topics of interest. The next meetup will be on Monday, January 22 at 5:30 pm at the nForm office. A guest speaker will be coming in to talk about their personal experience with planning for intranet content migration and content editor training.

Make sure to follow Intranets Edmonton on Twitter to stay up to date on events. You can also join the group on Facebook to RSVP to future events.


Edmonton Content Strategists

Edmonton Content Strategists is a professional development group striving to bring recognition to the community in Edmonton. If you’re involved with creating and maintaining content in a digital context, and if you’re especially concerned with how usable content can improve the user experience, then Edmonton Content Strategists is the place for you. Meetups are organized every two months with the next meetup coming up on Tuesday, January 30 at the nForm office. Beverly Theresa along with Kady Hobbins and Avery Johnson of Kaden Ave Communications are invited to speak at the event on the theme of social media marketing.

You can follow the group on twitter to stay connected with content related topics of interest and local job postings. Join the group on Facebook to RSVP to events.


Agile Edmonton

If you’re looking for a group more focused on the development side of production, our consultants at nForm have also attended Agile Edmonton, a user group with the goal of helping Edmonton develop better software using Agile methods. The structure of this meetup group is unique in that it follows a ‘lean coffee’ format; meaning the meeting is agenda-less from the start and all attendees participate in creating and choosing topics for discussion through a democratic voting process. This group is open to anyone wanting to learn about Agile methods, but be prepared to get involved–active participation is strongly encouraged in this meetup.

Meetings are run every third Tuesday of the month at Startup Edmonton. The next meeting will be February 20, from 12 to 1 pm. Check out Startup Edmonton’s events calendar for more information.


Though this is not an exhaustive list of groups or meetups to attend in Edmonton, these are a few that we’ve enjoyed to help get you started. If you feel there’s a group or meetup that we should know about, please feel free to share with us on social media!

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