29 Jan 2013 by Gene Smith
nForm at the 2013 IA Summit

We’re very excited to have two of our own speaking at this year’s IA Summit in Baltimore. The Summit is one of the top IA/UX events anywhere, so we’re honoured to be attending as speakers.

Ammneh will be talking about the need for UX practitioners to bring clarity and simplicity to our communications. Her talk, “Eating Our Own Dogfood: Simplicity in Practice and Not Just Design” will be on Sunday.

Dennis will be presenting on on the soft skills UX practitioners need to cultivate in order to be successful. “The Zen of Consulting: A Meditation on Finding the Path” is scheduled for Friday.

As always, the program looks fantastic. The theme of “building bridges with people who don’t know what we do” is one we think about a lot, as we often find ourselves on teams that are new to our perspective and methods.

Ammneh and Dennis are pumped (and more than a little scared) to be sharing ideas at this year’s Summit. We hope to see you there!

07 Jan 2013 by Dennis Breen

Visual Business Analysis

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12 Feb 2013 by Gene Smith

Experience Maps: A Case Study

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