18 Feb 2011 by Gene Smith
Our Sketching Table

We spend a lot of time at our computers, but we usually find that sketching and collaborating together is much more productive than sending email or chat. So a couple of months ago we built a sketching table to give us a space where we could work together easily.

With the countertop in place

The table is made from Ikea furniture (two Expedit bookcases, one Numerar kitchen countertop, some casters and some miscellaneous hardware). We also added a 36″ paper dispenser and a roll of newsprint to make sure we always have sketching paper handy.

The total cost was about $500, and we’re seeing two benefits: it’s much easier for us to incorporate sketching into our daily workflow, and we’re having lots of quick feedback sessions since the table makes it easy for us to share and sketch ideas.

Under contruction

Connecting the cabinets

Before the countertop

Using the table

02 Feb 2011 by Gene Smith

Running a large business origami exercise

Late last year we organized a large business origami exercise for a client. Business origami is a tool to help people design and describe systems and processes. It’s kind of like low-fidelity prototyping for systems (here’s a quick introduction). Read More

29 Mar 2011 by Gene Smith

The Problem With Your Website

A few weeks ago we posted an illustration on Flickr called “The Problem With Your Website.” It describes an issue we’ve seen over the past few years with our own clients and throughout the industry. Read More