28 Aug 2014 by Sarah Vilay

Canadian Intranet Practices Research: Tidbit #2

We often work with communications teams driving the entire Intranet development process. We are told time and time again that Information about Corporate Events is very important and often are told that it is the most important piece of information to include on intranets. One specific question in our survey asked participants to rank the most popular or accessed type of content. Read More

22 Jul 2014 by Sarah Vilay

Intranet Foundations Workshop

We’re taking our Intranet Foundations Workshop on the road! Join us on November 18, 2014 in Victoria, BC for a full-day focusing on improving your organization’s intranet. Read More

16 Jul 2014 by Sarah Vilay

Canadian Intranet Practices Research: Tidbit #1

In April, we took on our first original research project and it’s been a very interesting process that I’ve come to enjoy. The topic: Canadian Intranet Practices. Our goal: tap into Canadian organizations. Why: to learn more about how Canadian organizations use intranets. We are currently working through our data and we wanted to share a few preliminary findings throughout the next few weeks. For now, let me share with you a few tidbits from our first look at the results. Read More

22 May 2014 by Kerryn North

Sneak Peak with Better Intranets Panelist Pam Sharpe

Pam Sharpe is the Internal Communications Manager for Human Services. She provides strategic internal communications advice to senior leadership and on department-wide projects. Pam also oversees the internal communications tools, including newsletters, all-staff emails, videos, podcasts and the intranet. Read More

21 May 2014 by Gene Smith

Ten Years

This month I celebrate my tenth year at nForm. I joined a few months after Jess founded the company so this year also marks our … Read More