26 Jul 2011 by Gene Smith
Recent Sketches (14 photos)

Over the past few months we’ve been trying to incorporate more sketching into our design process. (We even built a table for it.)

Everyone on our team relies on sketching to shape their ideas, but increasingly our initial design deliverables on projects will be sketches. Our clients also seem to be happy to have a conversation about their project over a few loosely illustrated ideas (and we think it’s better to have those conversations earlier instead of waiting until we have polished idea that might miss the mark).

So, in the spirit of sketching and sharing, here are a few drawings from some things we’ve been working on:

UI Sketches

UI Sketches


Project Vision

Mobile app sketches

Mobile app sketches

Sketching an app

Detailed UI sketches


Sketch notes (Josh Clark workshop)

UX cards back

UX cards back

Webvisions 2011


More sketches are posted on our Flickr account.

29 Mar 2011 by Gene Smith

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12 Aug 2011 by Dennis Breen

Magic Mobile Dust

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