27 May 2014 by Kerryn North
Sneak Peak with Better Intranets Presenter Darcy Belanger

Background: As part of Darcy Belanger’s “digital communications” portfolio, he oversees the organization’s intranet. Darcy first joined PCL’s intranet team in 2009 when it was being rebuilt on SharePoint 2010. He was involved in the roll out and change management of that project as well. Since then he has overseen the ongoing enhancements, bug fixes, and major initiatives of PCL’s intranet and works closely with the intranet team to set strategic vision for the evolution of the site.

Question: What are some of the highlights of working on your intranet?

Darcy: Serving diverse business needs is the most interesting and satisfying aspect of managing a corporate intranet. When you can deliver a solution that makes the work tasks of your colleagues more efficient and less burdensome while adding value to the organization, you know you are providing a worthwhile service.

Question: What are some of the opportunities you see for the future?

Darcy: Mobility and social functionality will be important areas of intranet evolution in the near future. Intranets must continue to serve business needs, but must also function in a way that parallels the most common activities that users participate in on the web. Additionally, sophisticated organizational knowledge management strategies and practices will be critical to keep intranets functioning effectively.

If you would like to hear more on what Darcy has to say about intranets, register for our Better Intranets conference on June 12. Tickets are available by clicking here.

22 May 2014 by Kerryn North

Sneak Peak with Better Intranets Panelist Pam Sharpe

Pam Sharpe is the Internal Communications Manager for Human Services. She provides strategic internal communications advice to senior leadership and on department-wide projects. Pam also oversees the internal communications tools, including newsletters, all-staff emails, videos, podcasts and the intranet. Read More

29 May 2014 by Kerryn North

Sneak Peak with Better Intranets Presenter Rebecca Ma

Rebecca Ma is the digital communications specialist for PCL Construction. Her internal clients across the organization depend on her to translate their vision to a reality on their intranet, PCL Connects. Read More