29 May 2014 by Kerryn North
Sneak Peak with Better Intranets Presenter Rebecca Ma

Background: Rebecca Ma is the digital communications specialist for PCL Construction. Her internal clients across the organization depend on her to translate their vision to a reality on their intranet, PCL Connects. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of Connects, analytics, site governance, training and supporting our publishers.

Question: What are some of the highlights of working on your intranet? 

Rebecca: We’re lucky to get quite a bit of support from our executive team, so as long as we can make a good business case, we can really grow our intranet to be a multifaceted system. I’m always pleased when we’re able to deliver a solution that helps many users work faster and easier. We’re in the business of serving our clients and when we do that, it makes the “journey” to get there a rewarding experience.

Question: What are some of the opportunities you see for the future?

In addition to Darcy’s points mentioned earlier, I’m looking forward to adding some personalization features to our intranet. With our business being spread across North America and Australia, I think it’s important to meet specific geographic and personalization needs to help users work more efficiently.

If you would like to hear more on what Pam has to say about intranets, register for our Better Intranets conference on June 12. Tickets are available by clicking here.

27 May 2014 by Kerryn North

Sneak Peak with Better Intranets Presenter Darcy Belanger

As part of Darcy Belanger’s “digital communications” portfolio, he oversees the organization’s intranet. Darcy first joined PCL’s intranet team in 2009 when it was being rebuilt on SharePoint 2010. Read More

09 Jun 2014 by Kerryn North

We’re Hiring an Office Administrator

Thank you to all interested applicants. This position has been filled. Read More