13 May 2013 by Gene Smith
The Experience Gap (UX Camp Edmonton Presentation)

I wanted to share the slides from my UX Camp Edmonton talk this weekend. The presentation is called “The Experience Gap,” and its core idea is that there’s a growing gap between the best experiences people have with technology and the ordinary ones created by most organizations. In that gap there are interesting opportunities for UX professionals, especially in places like enterprise software development.

(One of these days I’ll pull together my complete notes to post too.)

07 May 2013 by Andrew Wright

User Experience Debt

UX debt is real and every digital product has some to repay. Some of this debt is incurred intentionally because tough decisions have to be made. Some of this debt is incurred unintentionally because assumptions about end-users go unchecked. It's … Read More

09 Jun 2013 by Gene Smith

We’re Hiring a Project Manager

We are a busy design/consulting firm with clients in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario. We're looking for a project manager to help keep our projects on track, our budgets under control, and our clients happy. Read More