01 Nov 2018 by Kerryn North
UX Link Roundup – October 2018

Just like in previous months, October was filled with blogs and articles related to user experience. The theme this month seemed to be design thinking as we saw a lot of discussions happening around the topic. Here’s a look at some of the interesting articles we read in October.   

October 2018 
The business value of design by Benedict Sheppard, Hugo Sarrazin, Garen Kouyoumjian and Fabricio Dore   

October 2, 2018
What are the most important qualities of Design Thinking coaches? by Samuel Tschepe  

October 4, 2018
Confessions of a UX Designer: Breaking Bad with UX Design by Chris Kiess   

October 5, 2018 
Data Architecture vs Information Architecture: What’s the Difference? by Alon Lebenthal  

October 8, 2018
What Children Have Taught Me About Design by Baruch Sachs 

October 10, 2018
A Deep Dive into Surveys: Open Ended Vs. Close Ended by Chattermill
UX is your business, start minding it by Laurel Natale  

October 11, 2018
Here is how UX Design Integrates with Agile and Scrum by Jeff Gothelf  

October 12, 2018
Untangling wicked digital problems by Lola Oyelayo-Pearson 
Why Digital Workplace Apps Are Not Producing Great Customer Experiences by David Roe 

October 14, 2018
28 Behaviours That Will Make You A Really Valuable UX Designer by Guy Ligertwood
Technology Myths and Urban Legends by Kate Moran and Kim Flaherty 

October 15, 2018
4 facets: perspective seeing in digital projects by Paul Bellows 

October 21, 2018
How to ask users for their gender and race by Fabricio Teixeira 

October 22, 2018
Redesigning a Canadian lifestyle app – a UX case study by Felipe Cepero
User Experience Design Is a Specialty: Treat it as Such by Debbie Levi 
User flow is the new wireframe by Alexander Handley

October 23, 2018
What is Information Architecture & How Does it Affect UX? by Luis Hernandez 
How to Think Like a Front-end Developer by Brad Frost
The Status: The Hard Part About Soft Skills by Martijn van Tilburg  

October 24, 2018
All about Web Accessibility by Shivani Gupta 

October 25, 2018
Why Design Thinking isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Solution by Megan Wilson  

October 26, 2018
Design Thinking is not about Design, it’s About Thinking by Dr. Pavan Soni 
Empathy Map – Why and How to Use it by Rikke Dam and Teo Siang 
How Journalism Made Me a Better UX Writer by Yael Ben-David 

October 28, 2018
10 Must Read Again UX Books by Mei 

October 29, 2018
Ideo breaks its silence on design thinking’s critics by Katherine Schwab  

October 30, 2018
Hicks’s Law: Making the choice easier for users by Mads Soegaard  

Other things of note: 

MacEwan’s Bachelor of Design has officially launched 

Rosenfeld Media announced its winter course catalog  

Technovation is looking for mentors for November and December events  

Every website in 2018 





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