25 May 2012 by Gene Smith
UX Lisbon 2012: User Research Hacks Presentation

I was at UX Lisbon a couple of weeks ago to deliver a short presentation called “User Research Hacks.” It’s all about how we do interesting user research on small budgets, short timelines, and sometimes without the buy-in for more comprehensive research projects.

I thought I’d share the presentation here (along with some great sketch notes by Francis Rowland). I’ll be reprising this talk at Fluxible in Kitchener in September.

And the sketch notes…

User Research Hacks sketch notes

23 Apr 2012 by Gene Smith

The Two-Click Rule

Over the past few years we’ve noticed a pattern on the corporate websites we’ve worked on: Most of the visitors enter through search or referrals. By most I mean 80% to 90%. Most visitors will see three or fewer pages. Read More

28 May 2012 by Ammneh Azeim

Emotional response cards: a simple user research tool

Being emotional is often frowned upon in a business environment. But on a recent research project we decided to test out a new tool to help people express their feelings and provide us with better interview results. We call the … Read More