19 Jan 2011 by Gene Smith
We’re now at nform.com!

Starting today our domain name is nform.com.

This means our email addresses will now end in @nform.com and our website is http://nform.com. (You might not have noticed, but your browser was just redirected from nform.ca to nform.com.)

Last week we forwarded all our nform.ca email addresses to the corresponding address at nform.com. You can continue to use our old email addresses and they’ll automatically get forwarded to the right person. (If you want to update your address book, this would be a good time.)

12 Jan 2011 by Ammneh Azeim

nForm – 2010 Year in Review

Like every company, we had our share of experiences in 2010. Of course, no one at nForm made the headlines about eating a cookie, which is a disappointment; however, we did have many stories in 2010 that we would … Read More

20 Jan 2011 by Gene Smith

Kiiro is now open-source

We’ve decided to open-source Kiiro, the SharePoint-based project management and collaboration application we released in 2009. Here’s a short description of Kiiro from my original post announcing the product: Kiiro is a simple collaboration and project management app for … Read More